Dont Turn A Cold Shoulder On The Fridge And Freezer

Dated: 11/03/2017

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Don't Turn a Cold Shoulder on the Fridge and Freezer

Before the holidays are in full swing, and both the refrigerator and freezer are fully stocked with goodies, take some time out for a fall fridge refresher.

Time it right.Schedule your cleaning before you grocery shop, so you have the least amount of food in storage.

Save or toss?Remove everything shelf by shelf and start sorting. Check expiration dates carefully, especially on dressings and condiments that have a tendency to hang out on shelves too long. Get rid of any foods with freezer burn. While most items with mold should be tossed, some hard cheeses, salami and firm fruits can be cut away from the mold and consumed.

Clean it up.As you clear each shelf, wipe them down with a clean rag or sponge using 1 tablespoon of white distilled vinegar to 1 quart water; the vinegar will help disinfect and deodorize at the same time. Use the same mixture to wipe down drawers and the gasket seal. Rinse again with clean warm water and dry with a fresh dish towel.

Ice down.Yeast and mold can build up in water dispenser spouts. Dump out old ice and clean the ice bin with warm water and mild detergent, rinsing and drying well. Clean spouts using a pipe cleaner or small brush alternately dipped in warm water, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide (in that order).

Check the temps.Refrigerator temperatures should be set between 36-39 degrees and freezers set to 0 degrees. To ensure accuracy, place a thermometer inside each compartment. Make sure to check often and adjust as needed.

These tips will have your refrigerator ready for holiday festivities, and all year long

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